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PC Configuration Utility 808 #26  20130418-1

OS: Vista / Win 7

Download PC Configuration Utility here


How to use the configuration utility

First you will need to download the drivers. You only need to do this once.

Plug in USB data cable (charge mode).
Press and hold both power and shutter buttons down until the red light starts to flicker, then let go of buttons.

Wait for the drivers to download and install. Once the drivers have been installed you can now use the SetOut Tool by repeating steps above highlighted in red. Pressing both buttons will now enable configuration mode.


Note: Many people are having problems with windows update not downloading the needed drivers to use the setout tool or web cam. Since Microsoft no longer supports windows 7 many have found that windows update no longer connects and it doesn't stop "checking for updates". To fix this problem do this...

Open Control Panel:

Under Category View: Look for System and Security then select "Find and Fix Problems" here you will find System and Security with the option to "Fix Problems With Windows Update"


Under Icon view: Click "Troubleshooting" Look for System and Security and you will find "Fix Problems With Windows Update"

This will get windows update working again. You may also want to check this, click start button then go to
"Devices and Printers" then right click your PC name and select "Device Installations Settings" here make sure the "Never install drivers from Windows Update" is not selected because the drivers must be downloaded from windows update.

 "Date Stamp Logo" will appear next to the Time Stamp in your videos. Note: Date stamp must be set to On. You can add up to 16 digits (CAP letters or numbers). Below I added 2KOOL4U.COM to Date Stamp Logo.

As of now the Rotate Video 180 is reversed. Setting it to On the video is right side up, setting it to off the video will be upside down.



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