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Pass Word Vault

Pass Word Vault is a simple app that allows you to securely store all your user names and passwords.
Enter a security password to gain access to the vault, then select continue.

The vault allows you to type in a StoreName, UserName and PassWord
Selecting Add To Vault enters the names into the vault
Selecting View Vault shows or hides the vault window.
Selecting Delete Store allows you to choose a store to delete from list.

Download: PassWordVault


Folder Locker

Folder Locker allows you to lock any folder and adds a password to open it.
Enter a Login and Password, then select submit.

Select browse to select a folder to lock or unlock.

Download: FolderLocker


Clock - Stop Watch - Count Down Timer

Clock__12 or 24 hour time
Stop Watch__hours: minutes, seconds, milliseconds.
Count Down Timer__hours, minutes, seconds, with alarm.

Download: Clock - Stop Watch - Count Down Timer


YouTube Linker L

Create YouTube Links that start and end where you choose,
also auto play on start up and option to remove suggested links at end of video.


Download: YouTube Linker


Propane Gauge
Determine the amount of propane left in your gas barbeque grill, camping equipment, generator, heaters etc.
Simply weight your 20 lb tank then enter the weight in this app and it will tell you
how much propane is left.


Download: Propane Gauge




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